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Yellow Jackets

yellow jackets

Size: 3/4-to 1-inch.

Color: Small wasps with black and yellow stripes.

Health Risk: See Behavior

Behavior – Yellow jackets will aggressively attack when their nest is disturbed, and can inflict a very painful sting. Unlike the honeybee, which can sting only once before dying, a yellow jacket can sting multiple times. Yellow Jackets can pose a health risk if found near your home. If this is discovered, please do not attempt treatment. Contact a professional such as Select Pest Control.

Habitat – Yellow jackets usually locate their nests in the ground. They may have nests located in a crack or hole in a building. Control - Contact a professional such as Select Pest Control.

Tips: When working outside, be aware of more than one wasp flying into or away from a single location. This usually indicates a nest is near. Be careful when using power equipment such as mowers, trimmers and edgers. This equipment will distrub a yello jacket nest and cause to to attack. If you find a nest, STAY AWAY.


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