Common House Mouse


Size: Small, its body rarely exceeding two inches long and one ounce in weight.

Color: Usually gray in color, but some may appear darker. Mice are common in urban and suburban communities.

Health Risk: Wild mice are normally carriers of fleas. Droppings can foster bacteria that are harmful to humans.

Behavior – Usually, most invasions occur in the fall, because the seeds and plants on which they fee outside are gone. They enter your home in search of food.. Mice can enter through holes around roof vents, cables screens and garage doors.

Habitat – Mice are found in outbuildings usually because they are smaller and are able to find more available entryways. Mice can fit through a crack or hole 1/4 of an inch or larger - or about the width of a pencil.

Control - Several different style of traps are available. A professional will be happy to go over the best control options for you.

Tips: Seal any holes or cracks Install a quality weatherstrip at the bottom of doors to prevent them from entering. Seal off holes and cracks in the exterior of your home or building.


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