Honey Ant (Odorous House Ant)


Size - About 1/8-inch long.

Color - Brown. If smashed, the workers give off a rotten odor, hence their name.

Behavior – Odorous house ants may develop large colonies containing thousands of workers and several queens. This species can be hard to control and is not controlled by ant baits. The way to control these are to find the colonies and treat them directly. Regular inspection and service are necessary to locate and treat new colonies as they move in. The services of a Select Pest Control professional, are very helpful when encountering these type of ants.

Habitat – These ants nest outdoors, within landscape mulch, under loose tree bark, in potted plants, and within piles of items, such as firewood, lumber, rock or brick. They may also be found nested in walls or beneath carpeting.

Control – Baits may be attempted, however it is very unlikly that this method will control the problem. A Select Pest Control professional can locate the colony and treat it directly.

Tips: Eliminate firewood, lumber, rock, brick, and other items that could serve as a nesting site. Keep landscape mulch less than 2 inches thick and at least 12 inches away from foundations. If you have a sprinkler system, ensure that it does not spray directly on the foundation of your home. Seal any exterior cracks in your home/foundation

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