Carpenter Ant





Size: Up to 5/8-inch long.

Color: Varies from black, brown and black, red and black, to light brown depending on the species.

Behavior: Carpenter ants feed on a wide variety of foods, especially other insects. The favored food of adults is the sweet honeydew produced by plant-feeding insects, such as aphids, scales, and mealybugs. In the spring, mature colonies produce winged reproductive ants, called swarmers, that fly out to start new colonies. These swarms often occur from satellite colonies within homes, so homeowners may see large flying ants in their homes at night. Carpenter ants can be very difficult to control, so most homeowners employ the services of a professional company such as Select Pest Control.

Habitat: Carpenter ants are the most common pest ant seen in homes throughout the northern United States. Control – Successfull controle of carpenter ants often requires skill, knowledge and experience. A Select Pest Control professional may use carpenter ant baits or may recommend a schedule for pest control service to prevent future infestations.

Tips: Keep firewood and wood piles away from your home. Make sure that plumbing or other water leaks are sealed, and check crawl space for excessive moisture. Remove dead tree limbs and tree stumps to get rid of potential nesting sites.


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