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Bumble Bee

bumble bee

Size: Up to 1 inch in length.

Color: Black with yellow stripes. Bumblebees are often known by the hairy abdomen.

Health Risk: The Bumble Bee is a stinging insect. Many humans have a severe allergic reaction to bee venoms.

Behavior – The bees will attack to defend their nest, so with this in mind, a health concern is justified.

Habitat – Bumblebees will reside in rodent burrows, or other holes in the ground. Sometimes, these bees will establish a nest above ground in a wood pile, shed or similar location.

Control – Please contact a professional for treatment if a nest is found in or around your home.

Tips: To prevent bees from establishing nests in your lawn, fill in all rodent holes and burrows that you may find. Seal any holes in the exterior of your home or building.


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