Black Widow

black widow

Size: Up to 3/4-inch in length and up to 3/8-inch in diameter.

Color: Usually gloss black but may also be dark brown to light brown. Other widow spiders may be brown. The red markings on the underside of the abdomen usually connect to form an hourglass shape, but this DOES NOT ALWAYS occur.

Health Risk: The black widow spider is feared because its bite results in severe pain that may take numerous days to subside. Such bites are in rare cases fatal, however small children and the elderly are at risk.

Behavior – Black Widow spiders construct irregular sized, scaffold type webs usually near the ground. These webs are almost always constructed in a protected area such as under boards, in firewood, and between boxes. This spiders bite can cause severe pain and cramping throughout the body for days. Bites usually occur when people are picking up an item with which the spider is hiding under or putting on a shoe the spider has crawled inside of.

Control - Control is best left to a professional company such as Select Pest Control.

Tips: Bites can be avoided by wearing heavy gloves when moving items stored outside, in garages or basements. Shoes should be stored inside shoeboxes or vigorously shaken prior to wearing. When a web is visible, look carefully before putting your hand under an object.


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