Bedbug Detection and Elimination

The bedbug has returned with a vengeance to begin infesting many homes, apartments, motels and hotels - wherever humans sleep. Using human blood as a nutrient, bedbugs multiply very rapidly, taking only a few weeks to grow a colony of a few individuals to a mass of many tens of thousands. Traditional methods of detecting bedbugs has been lacking due to their small size and nocturnal activity. But a new solution is here - bedbug dogs!

About Our Bedbug Dog "Rocco"

Rocco was professionally trained to use has natural canine ability to detect minute pheromes (microscopic particles that carry scent). Through a "find for reward" process, he was specifically oriented to seek out the presence of bedbugs and their eggs which he associates with food or a treat and praise from his handler. If any living bedbugs or eggs are present, Rocco wants to find them to get a treat and a kind response from his handler, one of several Select Pest Control technicians who also received extensive training at the specialized canine school.


Hatchling bedbugs are smaller than a poppy seed and due to their preferences for darkness can easily hide in small cracks and crevices. However, they emit an odor which can be easily picked up by a detection dog especially trained for bedbug detection. Select Pest Control utilizes academy-trained bedbug detection dogs. Bedbugs at any stage of their development, including eggs, cannot escape the keen abilities of dogs like Rocco.

Much like the dogs used by police and border patrols to detect the presence of narcotics, bedbug dogs are intensively trained to sniff out the presence of both bedbugs as well as their tiny eggs. The accuracy and efficiency of using these dogs is amazing. A dog's sense of smell is very highly developed - so much so that these specially trained dogs can detect bedbug odor through walls and containers. Plus, a detector dog is faster and more accurate than humans. Upon entering a room, the dog will go immediately to a location where bugs are present and sign to the technician. Imagine how quickly they cover a large number of rooms such as in a hotel or apartment building.

Bedbug infestation can be extensive and can involve not only beds, bedrooms and sleeping areas but may also extend to adjacent rooms of the house. Detection, elimination and follow-up prevention is a multi-step process that requires some essential participation by the customer.


Once the presence of bedbugs is detected, Select Pest Control needs some basic housekeeping preparation from the customer prior to the beginning of treatments. A Pre-Treatment Checklist has been prepared for this purpose. Your Select Pest Control technician will provide you with a commented copy following the inspection visit.

bedbug pre treatment

Follow-Up Prevention

Once Select Pest Control has completed the necessary treatments to remove the existing infestation, the customer is advised to do various follow-up procedures to ensure that the conditions that could invite a future infestation no longer exist. A Post-Treatment Checklist is provided here. Your Select Pest Control technician will provide you with any additional suggestions after treatments.



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